Sunday, May 14, 2006

Transfiguration of Mission 2: Teaching Servanthood?

Shank spends a good bit of his chapter on Jesus' messianic mission focusing upon the servant-elements of Jesus' mission, taking into account his relationships with God and Israel, as well as his ways and means of interaction, including servanthood, openness to the other, and the rejection of coercive use of power. As I read this material, I think about how this might be learned within a community; is this best modeled and intuited, and how vital is focused instruction?

Somewhat of a provocative question here: can the ethos of servanthood be 'taught' in a top-down fashion, without itself taking on a tinge of coercion? At what point does the pedagogy shift, and can we teach the giving up of control without giving it up ourselves in the process?

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